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The products you find in our assortment of soft, beautiful lambskin, are garments that are produced on one of Mallorca's many leather factories.

Since Mallorca has just about as many sheep as people, the skin, fur and leather handicraft is a natural tradition on the island.

The initiation of this 'project' came about as we were looking for a gift for the upcoming baby-shower of the first grandchild. We found the sweetest lambskin set of little baby booties, mittens and a bonnet. The enthusiasm of the expectant mother as well as friends, grandmothers etc. made us decide to locate the manufacturer. 

He turned out to be very nice and although very busy, he took the time and told us, 'gesticulating' [ talking the spanish way :) ] about the factory, it's history and the situation for the skin industry in Spain today.

Since the crisis and the increasing competition from countries with copy-products and bad quality / artificial materials, a big part of the leather industry has shut down. Today there are just a few factories and seamstresses left, whereas it used to occupy several family-members in the villages.

We were shown around the different work-stations of the factory, and how the materials are being prepared with modern techniques and machines combined with the traditional handicraft, today's 'slow production'.

The cutting of the leather is done with CNC controlled high tech laser and computer programmed machines. The parts are then delivered to local seamstresses who finishes the products at home after the old handicraft traditions.

After several inquiries on i.a. slippers in larger sizes, we have extended the product range to also carry children and adult sizes.

With roots in Scandinavia, and now also living in Mallorca, we have the direct contact with the factory and are today the appointed distributors in Scandinavia and most of northern Europe.

The products are sent to you directly by post, approx. one week after ordering and approved payment.

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