Conditions of use

Terms of sales and deliveries:

The below mentioned sales and delivery terms cover any purchase of products in MartinaMallorca's on-line shop. Exceptions from the sales and delivery terms are only valid with the written accept of MartinaMallorca.

Purchases of products in MartinaMallorca's on-line shop:

The agreement of purchase of products in MartinaMallorca's on-line shop is entered in the language the customer has chosen. The customer will receive an email receipt/order confirmation after the purchase to the email address entered by the customer. The email receipt/order confirmation will contain an order number, name and address for the payer, a delivery address as well as a description of the products ordered. The customer is advised to make a print of the email receipt/order confirmation. In case of doubt you can always contact MartinaMallorca under "contact us".

Terms of prices and delivery costs:

The prices in the on-line shop can be chosen in various currencies, incl. GBP, and the price is always including 21% spanish (EU) VAT. Prices at the time of ordering are the current prices. Prices are valid in all countries in the EU. For deliveries in the UK there is no transportation charges added, i.e. the delivery is prepaid by MartinaMallorca. For deliveries outside the UK please contact MartinaMallorca under "contact us".


You can pay directly with most credit cards: Visa, MasterCard or others, via PayPal - easy and secure without risk of misuse since all information about the customer is crypted and can only be read by the customer and the payment facilitator. An additional Paypal-fee of 4.2% of the transaction amount will be added to the final price. MartinaMallorca will only deliver prepaid products.